Actuality Unconscious motorist chasing a biker

Unconscious motorist chasing a biker

A motorist takes all the risks chasing a biker in the United States.

On a road near the city of Miami in the United States, a very susceptible driver has not really enjoyed being overtaken by a motorcyclist too fast. The man driving his car violently decided to cut the road of the biker making him a huge fishtail.

It is at this point that the motorist decides to chase the rider who now lead to full speed. Unconscious man driving his red car takes all risks to catch the bike in the middle of traffic, forcing the rider to roll against the grain.

The two men come to blows after long minutes of pursuit, but the man riding his bike will eventually outrun the red car. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during this incredible pursuit, but the two-wheeler driver said he was very afraid for his life.