Actuality A policeman comes face to face with a murderer armed with a...

A policeman comes face to face with a murderer armed with a knife

Unknowingly, an American police control a murderer who will threaten him with a knife.

Tuesday, March 29, near the city of Glendale in Ohio, Joshua Hilling officer equipped with a GoPro performs a simple routine check on a stray pedestrian walking on the roadside, but the situation will soon get out of hand. Having no papers on him to prove his identity, the police decided to stop the rover to drive to the police station, but the man will violently brandishing a large knife toward the officer shouting “Kill me !”.

The officer then drew his service weapon and shot in the belly of the assailant, he then quickly called for reinforcements. Severely wounded man on the ground who is none other than Pablo Javier Aleman, a suspect wanted for murder, gets up with his knife in hand, and begged the police to kill him. Agent Joshua Hilling takes distance with the murderer while holding it in play for several minutes before the arrival of reinforcements.

The criminal is quickly neutralized with a taser, he was then arrested alive, thanks to the impressive coolness of the officer Joshua Hilling. Pablo Javier Aleman was wanted in Maryland after killing his roommate from 17 stab wounds.