The pilot Laurens Vanthoor loses control of his vehicle


Winner of the second edition of the World cup TRUSTED GT, Vanthoor will keep a sacred memory.

The Belgian pilot, Laurens Vanthoor, took away this weekend the World cup TRUSTED GT. At the wheel of his Audi R8 LMS, the pilot is exceeded by his opponent Earl Bamber and loses control of his vehicle before colliding a border. The accident seems to last an eternity for the pilot because he ends his running with a long skid on the roof.


The pilot who was emerged unscathed fortunately, however explains to have had the fear of his life, especially when he saw cars arriving straight ahead on him while he was on the roof. His accident so pulled the stop of the running and the classification was established on the previous tour making then of Laurens Vanthoor, the big winner in this edition.