TV & Movies The origins of the monster of “Alien”

The origins of the monster of “Alien”

This mini-documentary redraws the origins of the famous monster of the movie Alien de Ridley Scott.

In 1979, the landscape of the horror movie changes completely with the exit of the legendary “Alien, the eighth passenger” Of Ridley Scott. The youtubeur kaptainkristian, the author of several very interesting mini-documentaries under format at least of 10 minutes, peels this time the famous creation of H.R Giger: the xĂ©nomorphe of the movie Alien.

The monster, which marked everything a generation, is the work of the Swiss surrealist painter H.R Giger. His work having attracted the eye of Ridley Scott, the latter wished that the painter takes care of the design of all which touches the alien in the movie. Kaptainkristian explains to us here the process of unique creation of the monster and why it is so important in the history of the cinema.