Game Boy Zero: he modernized his Game Boy with a Raspberry PI


A handyman makes a great emulator of video games from the first Game Boy.

An ingenious handyman amateur of video games turn a Game Boy in a real small emulator, 8-bit portable console developed and manufactured by Nintendo in 1989 then suddenly improved his abilities. To achieve this, wermy integrated nano-computer “Raspberry Pi” in his old console.


This “Game Boy Zero” has a color screen of 3.5 inches and has a good battery life with a lithium-ion battery of 2000 mAh, it also has an HDMI input, a USB port and even has a connection Bluetooth. A small electronic gem.


This emulator allows Wermy to play Nintendo NES games, Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance and the ingenious handyman can enjoy the game Donkey Kong Country, originally released in 1994 on the Super Nintendo. After Smart Boy: Game Boy concept smartphone, the old star of the 90s console continues to fascinate and inspire designers.

game-boy-zero-raspberry-pi-3 game-boy-zero-raspberry-pi-4