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Eyes painted on the buttocks of cows to prevent the attacks of lions

A baptized project “iCow” consists in painting eyes on croup of cows to dissuade the lions to attack.

In Bostwana, in the South of Africa, Australian researchers had a funny idea which could dissuade the local lions to attack cows. This method consists in painting simply eyes on the buttocks of cows, which could largely discourage the predators to attack from behind.


According to Neil Jordan, biologist of the preservation at the university of New South Wales and pilot of the project iCow, the lions are hunters which practise the ambush. They approach slowly their preys and jump above without being seen. Neil then observed the attack of a lion on an impala, he very fast noticed that the predator abandoned his tracking when he was spotted by his prey.



Certain butterflies raise on their wings of small circular tasks, in the black center and in the golden outlines, being able to remind eyes of owl to protect itself predators, the biologist simply decided to use the same stratagem of defense to protect the cattle.
An ecological and economic solution which could also allow to save numerous lions. Indeed, dozens of starving big cats are killed by the bastwanais farmers every year.