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An old lady plays with her dentures in the subway

Sitting in an underground train, an old lady is having fun turning her dentures inside her mouth.As she sits in...

A child does not find any more his glasses of swimming pool

At the swimming pool, a little boy does not find any more his glasses to go under the water.Aidan a little...

Two Danes do the Surströmming challenge

Martin Vinther and his friend, two Danes, wanted to meet the challenge of Surströmming. The principle of this challenge is...

A baby runs by filming with the telephone of her older sister

A baby films running in a house with a mobile which he has just taken to her older sister.An little girl...

An old British teaches things on Hitler to young people

In the street, an old man asks young people if they know Adolf Hitler's size and if they know where...

How to draw the attention of your girlfriend who spends lot of time on...

His girlfriend spends too much time by the telephone, this man found a way to draw her attention.Dennis Charkov, an Israeli Youtuber,...

A man goes to his work to back of dinosaur

On the occasion of Halloween, Vasile Negrea goes to its work by being astride a dinosaur.

This birthday cake contains a surprise

A man made a joke at his brother with a trapped birthday cake.Sl8erson offers his brother Matt Wood a beautiful...

Euro 2016: Concert parody of David Guetta

Parody of the opening ceremony of Euro 2016, when David Guetta assume fully its lack of involvement.The passage of David...

Brothers make believe their little sister to a zombie invasion

Two brothers benefit that their sister is still under the effect of anesthesia to make her believe in a zombie...
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