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Three workers have a technique to smooth a border in cement

In Melbourne, in Australia, three workers show us their method to smooth a border in cement.One of them uses a...

11 Weird Science Facts

There are a lot of weird things that can happen in our world. Many of them you never had a...

Hot Wheels stunts

"5MadMovieMakers" realize a new route full of obstacles for its Hot Wheels cars.Having realized a road-trip in Hot Wheels small...

He covers itself with waste to raise awarness

Very committed for the environment, an already well known man for his initiatives decides to carry the entire waste that...

He sets fire to his garden by wanting to burn some papers

A young man in the a little bit heavy hand on the petrol can, fires his garden by wanting to...

When Batman bites a lighter

The stupid idea of the day: a man dressed as Batman decides to bite into a lighter.A man in a...

He crushes a keel and a bowling ball in a hydraulic press

YouTuber "Hydraulic Press Channel" test the strength of a keel and a bowling ball in its hydraulic press.After testing the...
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