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A man saves a dog fallen in the ice-cold water of a pond

A man saves a dog fallen in the ice-cold water of a pond to Kostroma, in Russia. He has double...

Too many emotions for a child by seeing lions in a safari

Aboard a car, a little boy is invaded by the emotion by seeing crossing a couple of lions in a...

A young rabbit well decided to end his nap

A baby rabbit seems more interested in the inside of a candle jar than in the world which surrounds him.In...

Russian fishermen realize an unusual grip

By going back up their fishing net, they are going to discover that their grip is rather atypical. In Russia, whereas...

They make a terrifying discovery in their hotel room

A particularly dangerous animal for the man.While they realized a report in Indonesia, journalists of the BBC make a terrifying...

Humpback whales jump a few centimeters away from him

Beau Pilgrim, an Australian photographer, was lucky enough to see a humpback whale jumping a few centimeters away from him.While...

Eyes painted on the buttocks of cows to prevent the attacks of lions

A baptized project "iCow" consists in painting eyes on croup of cows to dissuade the lions to attack.In Bostwana, in...

A motorist saves a kitten in a flooded street

A motorist goes out of his car to rescue a kitten stuck in a flooded street.In Tallinn, the capital of...

A man discovers a giant spider in his house

Facing the second largest tarantula in the world in his living room, a man keeps his composure.In Brazil in the...

Bretagne, the last dog rescuer of the World Trade Center

Monday, June 6, 2016 in Texas, California, the last dog-rescuer of the attacks of 11 September 2001, was euthanized because...
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