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The explosion of a gas bottle in the entrance of a metro station

This Thursday morning in Moscow, Russia, a bottle of gas exploded during work in the covered entrance of a metro...

A woman is blocked on the roof of her car in a flood

Yesterday afternoon, a woman remained stuck on the roof of her car during almost half an hour having tried to...

Two men evacuate a forest fire aboard a pick-up

Yesterday evening to Gatlinburg, in Tennessee, a forest fire forced inhabitants to leave their house by car.On Monday, November 28th,...

Enormous traffic jams in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving

On Tuesday evening, the beginning of the holidays of Thanksgiving in the United States caused enormous bottlings, in particular on...

The singer Justin Bieber punchs a fan

Yesterday evening, the singer Justin Bieber arrived by car at the stage Palau Sant Jordi of Barcelona, in Spain, when...

He discovers a surprise by taking fruit juice

By wanting to get a drink of fruit juice, a boy is going to make a totally disgusting discovery.In Montreal...

Employees avoid an explosion in a gas station

Employees avoid the explosion in a gas station. In Saudi Arabia, the incredible composure of the employees of this gas...

He saves his brother

While her mother turns one moment the look, a baby turns around and glide of the changing table.In Florida, Joseph,...

A teacher motivates her pupils making rap

To have the attention of his pupils, one teahcer begins every day by making them dance and rap.The teachers know to...

The wall of a house collapses suddenly

While a part of the house threatens to collapse at any time, the inhabitants managed to go out just in...
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