A cat gets stuck in a head lamp during hair tutorial


A clumsy cat stuck his head in the shade of a lamp during a hair tutorial of 3 girls.

In the city of Sioux Falls in South Dakota in the United States, the young Adriana and 2 of her friends realize a hair tutorial. But the three girls will be quickly uninterrupted by Adriana’s cat who suddenly decides to climb a lamp at the background. Unfortunately, the cat gets stuck his head in the shade of the lamp under the amused gaze of young girls.

But the fun things will quickly turn into melodrama-drama, the cat begins to scream, gesticulating, which is not reassuring at all 3 friends who start screaming while trying to remove the animal from the trap . In a panic, the girls finally get to free the cat by swinging the lamp. More fear than harm. The cat did not die electrocuted, he is doing well as confirmed the tweet.