After an accident, a man sees his ear being reborn in his arm


A surgical act allowed a road accident victim to keep alive one of the parts of its anatomy.

In the province of Shaanxi, in the northwest of China, a named young man Ji was a victim of a car accident which made him lose its ear. The surgeons then began to recreate him his ear from pieces of cartilage of his own body. Even if this act was already practised and is made more and more, it is about a very long and boring process.


Implanted in the arm, the ear must be trained day after day. The surgeon explains that the ear is one of the parts the most complicated to regenerate, given that it consists of numerous parts. The patient who did not however lose the hearing, enormously explains to suffer from this physical defect and hopes very soon that the ear arrives at the end of its creation so that it is implanted to him on the head.