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11 reasons which prove that the cold is nothing next to the happiness which brings the winter

It is a secret for nobody, many tend preferred the summer to the cold seasons, and in particular the winter. Nevertheless, this period is simply exceptional. It brings unique and warm sensations which we do not often feel.

Between moments in the corner of the fire, the very greedy dishes and sublime snowy landscapes, it really has enough to appreciate there the winter. Always not convinced? That falls well, we gathered for you 11 reasons for appreciatingthis season, certainly icy, but more exciting! Here they are

1. We can eat what we want, because it is not tomorrow that we go to the beach!


2. We put big ultra-cosy pullovers to be lying at home


3. We take advantage of small moments of happiness as to read by the fire


4. We make incredible lie-in while it snows outside


5. Certainly, we go out less, but that is not necessarily a problem!


6. And when we get a breath of fresh air, we never grow tired of admiring Christmas decorations


7. The landscapes are magic and magic at the same time


8. We adore collapsing on the sofa by winding in our biggest cover


9. We can put this kind of shoes so comfortable as of slippers!


10. A hot chocolate is never as delicious as in winter


11. The cuddles in the warmth under the braid are pure moments of happiness